Free Downloadable Invoice Templates

Whether you’re self-employed or have a limited company, we’ve got a free invoice  template below for you. They’re easy to download and complete!

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Get paid on time! What should be included in an invoice?

Clear, well laid out and accurate invoices are crucial to getting paid quickly as errors can cause payment delays. It’s important to ensure that all details are correct and you’ve checked what the procedure is for submitting your invoice and whether any specific details should be included. Remember to include:

At the top

  • The header word ‘Invoice’
  • Your business name
  • Your business address
  • Your contact details
  • The recipient’s name and address at the top
  • Your unique and sequential invoice number
  • The recipients purchase order number (if applicable)
  • Tax date (usually the date the invoice is sent)

In the middle

  • A description of the services/goods provided, e.g. xx days at £xxx day rate. List separately on a new line for clarity
  • Net amount minus of VAT (if applicable)
  • Total amount inclusive of VAT (if applicable)

At the bottom

  • Your payment due date
  • Your company’s VAT number if applicable
  • Payment methods e.g. bank details
  • Your company’s full trading name and registration number

Invoice Templates

Invoice for Products
Invoice for Service & Parts
Invoice for services

Invoice Templates for VAT Registered Companies

Invoice for Products
Invoice for Service & Parts
Invoice for services