We pass our first review of being an Endometriosis Friendly Employer 

April 8, 2024

Last year, CloudAccountant.co.uk and Umbrella.co.uk signed up to be an Endometriosis Friendly Employer.  

The Endometriosis Friendly Employer scheme is a way for us to confirm our commitment to developing a work environment and culture that enables our employees with endometriosis to thrive at work.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the name given to the condition where cells similar to the ones in the lining of the womb (uterus) are found elsewhere in the body. In the UK, around 1.5 women and those assigned female at birth are currently living with the condition. 
It can have a significant impact on a person’s life in a number of ways, including chronic pain, fatigue and the inability to conceive.

How do we show our commitment as an Endometriosis Friendly Employer?

To show our commitment to being an Endometriosis Friendly Employer, we had to undertake a review after our first year to show what we have put in place to help employees with the condition. The review coincided with our second ‘Tea for Endo’ event – a coffee and cake morning where our Endometriosis Champion Sarah Baker combined a powerful talk about her own experiences alongside an educational video. 

Her presentations aimed to break down longstanding taboos and spark discussions among our staff.  

The impact of endometriosis—and indeed, of all menstrual health issues—on individuals in the workplace cannot be diminished. Misunderstanding and lack of awareness can lead to challenges, isolation, and discomfort for those affected.  

The outcome of our first Endometriosis Friendly Employer review

The review itself consisted of us answering questions about our business and how we support our staff with endometriosis, including management awareness and signpost resources. 
On the successful completion of our review, Heidi Yule, Head of Development at Endometriosis UK said:  
“We’re delighted to hear that your CEO, Nick Holmes, signed off an internal endometriosis staff policy and that this now makes up part of the staff handbook, giving your commitment to being endometriosis friendly clear visibility. We are thrilled to see that off the back of your Tea for Endo event, you made the decision to offer free period care products to staff, which will not only be appreciated by staff that need them but will also contribute to fostering an open working environment free of taboo and shame around menstruation.”