Cloud-based Accounting Services

Learn about the cloud-based accounting software we use to keep your business finances on track.

Cloud accounting services and software have revolutionised the way businesses can manage their finances. Cloud-based accounting software like Xero and FreeAgent allows businesses to access their finances from anywhere and everywhere with an Internet connection.

One of the main benefits of cloud accounting software is that it eliminates the need for costly hardware and software installations. Users can log into their accounts from any device and access their financial data.

Here at, we’re a connected solution that starts with accountancy and provides you with an ecosystem advantage.

Cloud Accounting Services

Whether you’re a new or established business, it’s always beneficial to review the way you manage your finances. Managing them yourself can take a significant amount of time, taking away from the more exciting parts of running your business.

 As part of our initial discovery, we’ll assess your needs as a business and recommend which services and software are best for you. Whether you’re a sole trader, partnership, or limited company – we can help set up accounting software that will ensure all your tax and accounting needs are always taken care of. By choosing us to look after your accounts using our dedicated software partners, you’re choosing:


With cloud based accounting software, you can access your financial information from anywhere with an internet connection. This means you can stay on top of your finances even if you're travelling or working remotely.


Cloud accounting software like Xero and FreeAgent allows multiple users to access and update financial information in real time. This can be especially helpful for businesses with multiple employees or remote teams.

Cost savings

Online accounting services using cloud accounting software can save you money by making sure all information is recorded correctly, allowing you to be more tax efficient. Without such software, you may not record everything accurately and could end up paying more tax than necessary.


Cloud accounting software providers typically have strong security measures in place to protect your financial data, such as encryption and two-factor authentication.

Automatic updates

Cloud accounting software is typically updated automatically, so you don't have to worry about downloading and installing updates yourself.

Why choose for your business?

Here at, we can tailor an accountancy solution to fit your needs – whether you’re starting out, scaling, or switching accountants. Rather than a fixed set of services, we offer a ‘build your own’ approach, ensuring that you’re not paying for more than you need.

We’ve been providing support to businesses in a range of industries for 15 years, and are partners of the award-winning accounting software Xero and FreeAgent. We also work closely with transactional software systems such as LinkMyBooks, A2X and Dext to support multiple aspects of your business.

Account Management Services

  • We will review your accounts during our onboarding process.
  • After reviewing your requirements and accounts, we will set up the appropriate software and/or add-ons to accurately record transactional data. This will help you understand your cash flow and allow you to access accurate reports for things like profit and loss and expenditure on expenses.
  • Once you’re all set up, we will provide unlimited support throughout the year to help maintain a healthy set of accounts so that they’re in complete condition when it comes to your submissions at the end of the tax year. This is beneficial for when corporate tax is due to ensure your tax liabilities from this are as low as possible.

      Business Advice

      We are able to advise on the following things:


      • How to structure your business – the pros and cons of Ltd vs Sole.
      • The best software for your type of business, with add-on software such as Dext, LinkMyBooks, and A2X.
      • Bank account setups.
      • Tax efficiency.
      • LTD company advice, including setup, share capital, number of directors and SIC codes.

      Payroll Services

      • We can set up and complete payroll for staff and directors.
      • We can complete all RTI filing (p45, p46, p60, etc.)
      • The setup through Xero will link seamlessly with your software and reports.

          Tax Return Services

          • We can register for quarterly VAT returns and advise on the different types of VAT schemes available for different businesses.
          • We can advise on expenses and what can be claimed for and how.
          • We can advise on tax liabilities and how to reduce them.

              Cloud Accounting Software Frequently Asked Questions

              What are the benefits of cloud accounting services?

              Cloud accounting software has a number of benefits that can help businesses of all sizes. It allows for easy access to financial information from anywhere, at any time, as long as there is an internet connection. This means that business owners and accountants can view and manage their finances on the go. Additionally, cloud accounting software automates many of the manual processes associated with traditional accounting, such as data entry and reconciliation, saving time and reducing errors.

              Cloud accounting software often integrates with other business applications, such as payroll and inventory management, creating a seamless and efficient financial management system.

              Will cloud-based accounting software help my business grow?

              Cloud accounting software like Xero and FreeAgent can help businesses grow by providing real-time access to financial data, allowing for quicker and more informed decision-making. This helps to identify areas of growth and make necessary adjustments to improve profitability.

              Using cloud accounting software automates many financial tasks, freeing up time and resources that can be redirected toward growth initiatives.

              What is the best cloud accounting software?

              We partner with several providers to create the best cloud accounting solution for your business. These are:

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