We’re taking on the Born Survivor Challenge on behalf of East Cheshire Hospice 

April 8, 2024

As Spring begins, a group of 10 team members from across CloudAccountant.co.uk and Umbrella.co.uk is gearing up for a challenge that is not only physically demanding, but incredibly rewarding.

What is the Born Survivor Challenge?

On Saturday the 27th of April, we’ll be taking on the Born Survivor Challenge, an event designed by Elite Royal Marine Commandos. This is not just any obstacle course; it’s a test of human resilience, teamwork, and the spirit of giving back to the community. 

Brave volunteers from our business will face a series of daunting tasks – from breathtaking slides to cold water obstacles that will test their endurance. They will also be climbing through nets and walls, crawling through underground tunnels, and facing other “Top Secret Obstacles.”.  
This course is designed to push limits and challenge physical and mental strength.

The work of the East Cheshire Hospice

Why are we subjecting ourselves to this challenge? The answer lies in the heart of our mission – to support the East Cheshire Hospice. This institution provides care for adults with life-limiting illnesses, offering them comfort and dignity in their journey. By participating in the Born Survivor Challenge, the team at CloudAccountant.co.uk and Umbrella.co.uk aims to raise £500 to help contribute towards the hospice’s ability to continue their essential services. 

As the team counts down the days to the challenge, the excitement and determination can be felt by the fact that training sessions have become a part of our daily routine, and the spirit of camaraderie has never been stronger. This challenge is an opportunity for us to support a cause that touches the lives of many.

Get Involved

We invite our contractors, partners, and friends to join us in this mission by contributing towards our fundraising goal. 

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for updates on our journey. We are looking forward to making this Born Survivor Challenge a memorable one, not just for our team, but for the East Cheshire Hospice and the many lives it supports.  

You can donate to our JustGiving page by following the link: