eBay Sellers: 5 eBay UK YouTubers You Should Be Watching

August 20, 2018

Want to make a full-time living from selling on eBay? It can be a tough game, but there are thousands of resources out there to help you learn the trade.

Some of the richest learning assets can be found on YouTube, where dozens of professional eBay sellers are sharing the tips and tricks that helped them get rich through online selling. 

This is our pick of the best UK eBay sellers that can help you on your eBay selling journey.

Nic and Andrea Hills

Nic Hills has been earning a full-time income from eBay reselling for almost two decades. Nic and Andrea used to own their own offline entertainment shop but now they specialise in selling clothing, media, retro toys and games and everything in between on eBay.

The husband and wife team are hugely experienced and their videos are great for learning what to look out for, where you should be buying and where you can sell them. Check them out.

Selling on eBay

An official eBay channel for online sellers, on here you will find lots of seller stories, how to guides, tips and information about eBay best practices.

It’s the perfect tool of an eBay newcomer who is wondering how they can start to get everything moving to sell online for the first time.

eBay for Business UK

Another official eBay channel, eBay for Business UK includes more practical advice for businesses and entrepreneurs navigating the online auction site.

It’s specifically targeted towards the UK audience, so the tips, guidance and eBay news will always be relevant to you. It’s also good for businesses that want to sell on eBay and not just individual entrepreneurs.

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