Editor | 29 June 2017
eBay and Amazon seller specialists

Ecommerce accountants: eBay and Amazon seller specialists

When it comes to setting up backroom functions, eBay and Amazon sellers and other small online retail companies face some tricky challenges. Particularly when it comes to seemingly complex processes like accounting.

Fortunately for these ecommerce pioneers – who trade in ultra-competitive online landscapes - there are fully-supported software solutions that make life much easier.

At Cloud Accountant, some of our oldest customers are eBay and Amazon sellers, and we understand what support these businesses need to survive and thrive.

Whether you run a small independent shop, doing bits of online business or an internet behemoth, selling tens of thousands of pounds worth of products online every week, we can deliver an accountancy support package that’s tailored to fit your needs.

 Cloud accounting software for Amazon and eBay sellers

The secret to our success with ecommerce businesses is the powerful accounting software that we can deliver to customers.

The award winning cloud accountancy packages we use, Xero and FreeAgent (among others), have lots of clever eBay and Amazon ‘add-ons’ that integrate seamlessly with the software. These links allow you to automate or partially automate dozens of time-consuming financial processes.

You can track cashflow, perform bank reconciliations, manage payments, monitor store activity and assess profitability all in one piece of software.

You can also make your business looks a lot more professional, improve your customer service and achieve that all important positive customer feedback.

For example, an inventory management function in the cloud software allows you to track stock levels and issue warnings when an item is out of stock. This prevents customers making orders that you will ultimately have to cancel because you don’t have the stock.

The software also allows you to create professional-looking invoices and generate automatic payment reminders for customers. These professional flourishes can make small back-room companies appear bigger and more trustworthy.

Because the software is cloud-based it means that you can access it anywhere, on any device (so long as you have an internet connection). This means you can attend to urgent matters when your away from your desk.

Finally, and most attractively for many online sellers, the software links seamlessly with PayPal and other payment software, significantly cutting the time that it takes to get money into your bank account.

What can CloudAccountant offer?

  • As a Xero Silver Champion and a FreeAgent Premium Partner, Cloud Accountant is a trusted accounting support provider for many small and medium sized internet retailers.
  • We offer tailor made solutions, and support packages vary in line with the needs of the client.
  • Clients should expect:
  • Access to Xero, FreeAgent and other cloud accounting packages (we can advise which is the most suitable for your business)
  • Access to a dedicated qualified accountant
  • On-demand support via telephone and email
  • Face to face support (if you would prefer to come to the office)
  • VAT Returns
  • Annual accounts completed and tax returns filed
  • Low monthly fees
  • No hidden charges
  • Advice on Xero add-ons & apps: Receipt Bank, A2X, PayPal, Shopify, Expensify.

If you would like to learn more about accountancy packages for eBay and Amazon sellers please get in touch. Call: 0808 281 0303.