Cloud Accounting for Architects

Find out how can help you grow your architect business using cloud based accounting. 

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Cloud based accounting is the new real time solution for architects. It enables you to do your accounts anywhere on the go 24/7, all you need is internet access. For a low monthly fixed fee, starting at just £69* a month, our experienced accountants will give you professional advice and a choice of accounting platforms. 

Save time and money and give yourself a competitive edge by using quick, convenient and reliable cloud accounting software. Don’t lumber yourself with admin that holds your business back.

Why is Cloud Accounting ideal for architects?

  • Job Costing
    Work out to the penny how much each job will cost and then track it as invoices come in and time is allocated to the project.
  • Say goodbye to time tracking in Excel
    Say hello to Xero’s add on workflow management software for architects. 
  • Quick Quotes
    Create professional quotes in a few simple clicks that then become the budget for the job and the basis for the invoice once the job is complete. 
  • Time Management
    Track the time spent on each job, per chargeable unit broken down into 15 minute units
  • Lead Manager
    Keep a keen eye on all those quotes that have been produced and follow them up through the system. 
  • Detailed Financial Reports
    Get a tally of the amount of money you've generated this month, Generate a list so you can follow up with tardy clients. View Work-In-Progress billing - by job, partner, or whatever criteria you need.

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*Prices are subject to VAT

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