Mileage tracking app MileIQ allows users to keep a track on all the journeys carried out (while you’ve got your phone on you of course!) and each journey can quickly be classified as either business or personal with a simple swipe.
The app has a feature called “Automatic Drive Detection” which uses GPS and The Cloud to ensure the user doesn’t have to manually create or start a new journey in the app. They simply drive to where they want to go and the application will log that journey and also the cost should it be required.

Benefit from Tax Relief on Contractor Expenses

If you are a contractor or freelancer then you have probably read various doom and gloom reports on how the Government is clamping down on the various tax reliefs you can currently legitimately receive.
There have also been consistent rumours for years that IR35 will be replaced and it will be almost impossible for contractors to work through their own limited company and benefits from the tax incentives this currently offers.
From next April there is also the new Dividend tax.