How Tracking Time Can Boost Freelancer Profits

Alongside their market-leading skills, time is one of a freelancer’s most valuable assets. But too many freelancers don’t charge what they are worth.

Too often, freelancers don’t understand the true value of their time, and profits can suffer because of it.

FreeAgent - a cloud accounting software package designed for freelancers and other small businesses - has a time tracking feature that lets self-employed workers keep tabs on ALL of their time.

Xero help boost Profit & Cashflow with Billable Expenses
Editor | 16 November 2015
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An important aspect of sales invoicing is ensuring that you recharge to your client all expenses that you are entitled for reimbursement.
Making this easy to manage is a simple way to boost your profit and cash position.
Billable expenses from Xero helps you manage this and maximise your profit.

Boosting profitability with cloud accounting software
Editor | 16 September 2017
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Whether you are a freelancer, a small business or an accountant working freelancers and small businesses – improving profitability should be a key part of your financial management.
To improve profitability, you need to be more efficient with time and keep a sharp eye on invoices, expenses and the return on investment.
Cloud-based accountancy software systems Xero and FreeAgent help businesses track all of these factors in their projects facilities.