Editor | 23 September 2016
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The Xero add-on market has hundreds of add-ons you can use to make life easier. It has recently had some new entries meaning even more choice. Get in touch with your accountant to find out which add-ons may work for your business.

Xero now works even smoother with PayPal. The integration has recently been updated which means not only can you enable a feed with your PayPal accounts, you can start accepting payments online though your Xero invoices. You will be able to get money faster and more efficiently. Another bonus is that when it comes to reconcile your account, it will be as simple as a click of a button as your invoices will have already been paid through Xero and the amount will automatically match with the amount received in your bank.

The Chief Executive of accounting software giant Sage has told the government that it needs to be doing more to support the smallest SME businesses. He also suggested that Bucharest in Romania could provide a model of success for UK start-ups.

Editor | 23 September 2016
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It has been three months since Britain decided to sever its ties with the European Union, but lots of us are still unclear exactly what that means and what effect it will have on us in the future.
While many British businesses grapple with Brexit’s consequences, the self-employed people who service them are in a state of limbo.
September did bring some positive signs for Britain’s flexible labour force and experts now suggest that some of the more apocalyptic Brexit scenarios are unlikely. But the black cloud of Brexit and the legacy of so-called ‘Project Fear’ still loom large over freelancers’ heads.

What is the biggest barrier to starting a new business? A lot of entrepreneurs - and people that almost became entrepreneurs will tell you that it is finding funding.