Wireless internet is the lifeblood of many independent businesses and freelancers in the UK.
A growing number of businesses can be set up with little more than a computer and a high speed internet connection. And faster internet can boost productivity and increase output. So entrepreneurs will surely welcome proposals that will see much faster mobile internet in the UK.
Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, plans to open up more airwaves for WiFi signals in a move that it believes will significantly increase download speeds for mobile devices like laptops and smartphones.

Non-payment of invoices is a huge problem for the nation’s freelancers, contractors and micro-businesses, according to new evidence from cloud-based contractor accountancy software company FreeAgent.
Micro-business owners will likely know the frustration of late or non-payment of invoices, but may well have underestimated the huge costs associated with writing off unpaid bills.

Top cloud accountancy software provider Xero has teamed up with Expensify, one of the fastest growing expense reporting software providers, to make expenses even easier for small business owners.
The partnership will see closer integration between the platforms. Initially the new features will only be available in the United States, but will spread worldwide in the coming months as both companies seek to ramp up global growth.