29th October 1969 is the key date in the launch of the internet that has developed into the worldwide web we know today.
The internet is the connecting of devices around the world initially through the use of telephone lines. The initial test was to send the message LOGIN from one computer to another but the connection dropped out before the G was received. Anyone who experienced the early days of dial-up internet connections will know that feeling!

Save yourself £190! - Look out for bogus company register letters
Editor | 26 October 2015
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Although this particular scheme has been around for a while now there are still a number of letters reaching our office from the “Register of Companies and Businesses” who will, for £190, put your company details on their website.
When they say ‘company details’ what they actually mean is just the company name and address, which can be found on the Companies House website with very little effort.

Editor | 6 October 2015
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Receipt Bank is a cloud-based tool that automates expense and invoice processing. 

It integrates seamlessly with your accounting software (Xero, Freeagent & Sage One compatible).

Editor | 28 October 2015
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Payroll (and in particular the issuing of P45’s, P60’s etc.) are one of the major dislikes of business owners who run their own small or medium sized business.
Clients often ask their accountants “Why do we need to print out P45’s for leavers. Why can’t we simply email them?”
And the answer used to be that we agree it doesn’t make sense but HMRC say you have to print them (and there were even rules on the type of paper you had to use!).

Editor | 23 October 2015
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Xero have issued a warning that their customers are being targeted by a phishing email designed to try and obtain customers xero log in details. This would then give unscrupulous 3rd parties access to your confidential financial data.

Editor | 5 October 2015
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A partnership between accountancy software company Xero and small business accountancy specialist CloudAccountant.co.uk is helping to fuel the growth of both businesses.

CloudAccountant.co.uk expanded into new offices in Wilmslow, Cheshire, earlier this year to house its rapidly growing team of accountancy experts, while Xero is celebrating a significant milestone of achieving 100,000 customers.