Editor | 11 January 2022
£700 million available for businesses most affected by Covid19

£700 million available for businesses most affected by Covid19

The Government has awarded a further £700 million worth of support to local authorities. 

The money will be given as grants to businesses in the hospitality, leisure and accommodation industries who have continued to struggle with the impact of the pandemic. 

Bars and restaurants saw huge cancellations during December as the public isolated and chose not to socialise. With many businesses still reeling from the lockdown restrictions earlier in 2021, what should have been the busiest month of the year, left businesses feeling flat. Supply chain problems and staff shortages adding to the issue. 

Hospitality, leisure and accommodation business will be able to apply for a one-off grant of up to £6,000. These grants are the same value as those given in the height of lockdown when businesses were forced to close entirely.

It’s not only those in the hospitality industries who will benefit from more funding. A further £100 million is being given to local councils to be used for the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG). 

The ARG is designed to support business that have been impacted by Covid restrictions but are not eligible for other grants.

Councils in England will distribute the grants to businesses in need. The Government have urged business to reach out to their local authorities to discuss their eligibility and apply.

Find out how to contact your local authority via the Gov.uk link https://www.gov.uk/find-local-council