Editor | 8 January 2021
It’s business as usual at CloudAccountant.co.uk

It’s business as usual at CloudAccountant.co.uk

The new lockdown means that the team are working remotely but rest assured this won’t have an adverse impact on service levels. We’re confident we can maintain the level of service and customer care we pride ourselves in along with the capacity to support our accountancy clients.  

All our accounting software and most of our processes are web-based and be accessed from wherever we are - that’s why we love The Cloud so much!

What about our team email inbox? No problems there either – we’re all hooked up remotely so our ability to respond is the same as if we were in the office. And we know this works was tried and tested with success in Lockdown 1.0

Our telephone system is also web-based and all staff will have access to it via their mobile phones using a SWiP app.  This means that inbound calls can be taken on staff mobiles wherever they are, without the caller even being aware that the call has been re-routed.  Routing calls through our server also allows us to maintain our practice of recording all in and outbound calls.

"Please be assured that we are confident of maintaining ‘business as usual’ as best we can.  We are not however complacent and will continue to monitor developments to ensure we can react quickly.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions" - Nick Holmes, CEO

We’re working through Government updates on support as and when they come out and trying to keep our clients updated. Follow our social media accounts to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Stay safe, keep in touch and we’ll get through this together.