Editor | 23 November 2020
Maximise online sales this Black Friday

Maximise online sales this Black Friday

Originally conceived in the United States, Black Friday has grown to become a shopping event right here in the UK.

Less than a month before Christmas, the shopping day is traditionally a bargain hunter’s dream come true. Recent years have seen hordes of shoppers crushing into supermarkets and department stores, racing to get their hands on a hot new gadget or flatscreen TV.

But how does Black Friday look when all but the most essential stores have been forced to close?

In a year when online retail has expanded by 35% already, it seems almost certain that Black Friday bargain hunting will move online. Online competition for sales on Black Friday is set to be more intense than ever in 2020.

So how can you cut through the noise and maximise online sales while the UK is still in lockdown? These tips will help guide your way.

Act early

Don’t leave it too late to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon. A hastily drafted campaign on Black Friday or the Thursday before Black Friday isn’t likely to be as well conceived as a plan you have stewing for days before the event.

And if you plan on attracting more sales with paid adverts, then you might find that it is significantly more expensive on Black Friday. It’s best to get the word out now while advertising rates are still lower.

Spread your message far and wide

Got a killer online offer to drive sales on Black Friday? Make sure you’re shouting it from the digital rooftops. Find out where your audience is online and meet them there – but not just in one place.

Spread your message on your email list, get it on Facebook, try some Google advertising, pay an influencer to promote your product – do whatever you can to spread the word and don’t just rely on one marketing channel.

Create great content and the rest will follow

Whether it’s great product guides, photos, social media graphics, videos or something else – great content is critical to the success of your campaign. It helps you stick out in a busy marketplace. And if you get it right, it can build trust with your intended audience.

When you are producing your content, make sure you are ‘talking’ to your customers in a language that they understand. Tailor your messages so that they resonate with your specific niche and don’t forget to tell them all about the unique benefits of using your product.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

As with so many things in life, taking bigger risks with your digital marketing can often lead to bigger rewards. And at a time when online competition is likely to be much higher, taking a risk and doing something different could help you be more competitive.

You should always make sure your risks are calculated though. Make sure you test your offer on a few customers before launching it to the whole marketplace and always, always make sure you have the stock and logistics in place to actually deliver on orders, otherwise you could end up disappointing a lot of new customers.

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