Editor | 20 August 2020
eBay: Get Ready for an Early Christmas

eBay: Get Ready for an Early Christmas

Online auction platform eBay is warning online sellers to get ready for an early Christmas to make the most of the critical holiday period. 

So far, 2020 has been a strange year for retailers. While many physical shops have struggled with very low footfall, many online retailers have seen their orders increasing. 

Whatever your position, there’s no question that Christmas 2020 will be an important sales period. And online platform eBay thinks that the Christmas spirit is striking even earlier this year. 

In their influential ‘Christmas Spend Trends’ report, eBay says: “While two fifths (41%) of consumers expect to start their Christmas shopping and preparations around the same time as they did last year, over a quarter (27%) told us they’re planning to begin earlier this year. 

“This sentiment is reflected in searches on ebay.co.uk for ‘Christmas’ or ‘xmas’ which were up by the exact same figure (27%) from March to May this year compared to the same period last year.”

Their research also reveals that online shopping will become the new normal for consumers. They found that almost half (44%) of consumers will do more of their shopping online this year, with a third (33%) expecting to do all of their shopping online. 

Meanwhile, 57% agreed that it’s easier to get what they need online than it is in physical stores.

During a season that is expected to be traditional and family-dominated, eBay also surveyed people based on what types of gifts they expected to buy and receive. Respondents said they expected gifts to be:

  • Thoughtful (51%) 
  • Frivolous (11%) 
  • Functional (29%)
  • Economical (11%) 
  • Creative (18%) 
  • Luxury (11%) 
  • Essential (17%) 
  • Token (6%)

eBay also highlighted how hobbies that people have taken up during lockdown could influence gift decisions this year. Their polling revealed that the most popular hobbies taken up during lockdown were: 

  • Baking (20%) 
  • Gardening (20%)
  • DIY/home improvement (14%)
  • Sport or fitness (14%) 
  • Board games or jigsaws (10%) 
  • Crafts (10%)
  • Video games (9%) 
  • Drawing and painting (7%)
  • Photography (5%)
  • Hair and beauty (4%) 
  • Music (4%)

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