Editor | 12 August 2019
Best Accounting Software for Online Sellers

Best Accounting Software for Online Sellers

Small businesses that sell products online through platforms like EBay, Amazon, Shopify and Etsy need simple software that they can rely on to run at their best.

Cloud Accountant specialises in supporting online sellers with the financial management.

We work with hundreds of online businesses – including part-time sellers, start-ups and established businesses – and in the vast majority of cases we only recommend one accounting system.

Xero is an easy to use software platform that integrates seamlessly with dozens of third-party apps for inventory management, payment systems and platforms like Amazon and Shopify.

The software is perfect for Amazon sellers, dropshippers and other ecommerce businesses owners because it is fast and robust. Xero speeds up dozens of financial processes and makes it easy for users to stay tax-compliant.

In this article, we share just a few of the biggest Xero benefits for online sellers.

Sync with marketplaces

The thing that makes Xero so attractive for online sellers is the number of third-party app integrations available on the platform.

Perhaps the most important integrations are those with online marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify. Apps like A2X will automatically post Amazon and Shopify sales into the Xero system and reconcile settlement deposits, eliminating several manual tasks.

Manage inventory

Other third party apps make it easy to manage inventory levels and other backroom functions that are critical to the success of any ecommerce business.

DEAR Inventory is a Xero add on that makes it easy to manage products, customers, suppliers, contacts, purchases and sales in one easy to use system.

View finances anywhere

Because it stores information in the cloud, Xero lets you access customer and business information online anytime, anywhere.

With the desktop dashboard and Xero mobile app, you can get an instant picture of your finances – quickly judging the financial health of your company.

Cut down on paper

Cloud-based applications can also help reduce paper and clutter. Just like Google Docs and Dropbox, Xero means you never need to print anything to show it to colleagues, clients or your accountant.

Xero also lets you scan receipts and invoices, so you don’t need to store inventory receipts in the office. You can file them away digitally with the accounting software.

Manage currency fluctuations

Amazon sellers that sell across Europe can connect each Amazon marketplace to their Xero account in a local currency.

This means that Xero will automatically calculate foreign currency gains and losses and work this into your

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