Editor | 5 February 2019
DEAR Inventory for Xero Supercharges Inventory Management

DEAR Inventory for Xero Supercharges Inventory Management

DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management system for small and medium sized businesses that need to keep track of inventory.

The Xero add-on is designed for much more than just managing inventory levels. DEAR Inventory has features for e-commerce, purchasing, sales and accounting and allows businesses to gain deep insights on their costs and profitability.  

DEAR Inventory can track a number of inventory categories like serial numbers, batch/log tracking and expirations dates and, among other things, the software can be used to:

  • Make better purchasing decisions
  • Track products through the purchasing process
  • Remind users when stock needs to be re-ordered
  • Manager reports
  • Manage supplier relationships
  • Track the cost of raw materials
  • Report on when produce is set to expire

Like Xero, DEAR Inventory allows small and medium sized business users to optimise and streamline back-office processes, creating productivity gains and boosting profitability.

But businesses that are on a budget need to be sure that they get the right software for their needs. In this blog post, we talk about who the software is for, what it can do and how it can be used to supercharge inventory management.

Who it is for

DEAR Inventory can be used by a whole range of businesses, such as Amazon sellers, Ebay sellers, Shopify sellers, Etsy sellers,  with inventory management needs. But there are two broad categories of businesses for which the software is particularly useful. These are:

  • Manufacturers and food producers with scattered material costs, that need to manage inventory and track costs of goods sold.
  • Ecommerce retailers and wholesalers with multiple warehouses and sales channels.

Because it is a low-cost, cloud-based solution that links up seamlessly with Xero, DEAR Inventory is ideally suited to smaller and medium sized businesses that want to automate inventory and order management systems. 

Challenges in inventory management

Every business faces their own unique set of challenges, but DEAR Inventory helps solve common inventory and order management issues faced by manufacturers, food producers, retailers and wholesalers.

These include: 

  • Lost time and productivity
  • Inventory and accounting errors
  • Obsolete and ageing inventory
  • Lost sales and orders
  • Out of stock problems
  • Over or under ordering stock
  • Inaccurate inventory flows
  • Undervaluing goods sold

How DEAR Inventory can help

DEAR Inventory works to solve these most pressing problems in three main ways.

  • Streamlined inventory and order management 

One of DEAR Inventory’s main strengths is its integrations with other software. We have already said that the software integrates with Xero for a smoother accountancy experience, but the software also integrates with other platforms too.

Retailers can sync DEAR up with great ecommerce platforms like Shopfiy, WooCommerce and Magento as well as marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Etsy. The software can also be used with payment and sales platforms like PayPal and Capsule CRM as well as shipping platforms like ShipStation.

The software tracks everything in real-time, so you always have up-to-the-minute insights. Tracking and reporting of inventory is also automated through the whole order management process.

  • Accurate reporting for better decision making 

Businesses use inventory and accounting information to inform all sorts of decisions. Automated inventory management and reporting systems mean that firms can establish the true cost of their goods.

The reporting system can also handle specialised functionality, like management of food inventory through batch tracking and expiration date tracking.

Real-time financial data means that businesses can maintain a strong cash flow position and make better decisions to keep the business moving in the right direction.

  • Improved productivity for business growth

Having information about inventory, sales and financial information all-in-one place is easy with DEAR Inventory.

The user interface lets you switch between applications seamlessly, giving you fast access to reports and metrics in a few clicks. It makes back room processing operations quick and painless and allows you to make better decisions for growth.

DEAR Integration and Xero

DEAR Inventory was originally created as a double entry accounting platform. But the systems work best as complementary solutions.

DEAR Inventory integrates seamlessly with Xero, giving you access to top accounting and inventory management software. To find out how to integrate the systems, speak to a member of the team today. Call: 0808 281 0303.