Editor | 16 May 2018
Xero lets small businesses get paid through email

Xero lets small businesses get paid through email

Cloud accounting software giants Xero have announced a new, faster way for small businesses to get paid.


Teaming up with Outlook and Microsoft Pay, small businesses will now be able to get paid through emails.


Xero customers who send digital invoices with Stripe as their payment service will soon be able to get paid quickly and easily through Outlook.


Payments in Outlook is a secure method of payment for clients.


When you send an invoice over email, the client will receive invoice details within a new interactive card in Outlook.


If they choose to, they can pay the invoice there and then without having to leave the email system, using payment information saved in Microsoft Pay.


Xero’s integration with Stripe already means that small businesses can send an online invoice with a ‘pay now’ button attached.


These invoices are paid on average up to 19 days faster than other invoices.


The accounting software company hopes that closer integration with Microsoft will bring that payment time down even further - letting Outlook users pay a Xero invoice via email with just a few clicks.


Xero is deeply integrated with Stripe’s payment platform, offering a rich payment experience to Xero users.


Any processing fees are automatically accounted for and all Stripe transactions are automatically matched against the right payout for easy reconciliation.


Additionally, there is no additional onboarding for Xero users to offer this payment experience. The outgoing email invoice simply needs to have Stripe attached as a payment service.


Offer a first-rate service to all your customers and get paid faster with Xero’s easy to use online accounting platform for small businesses.


Xero offers integration with more than 600 apps and the software won Product of the Year at the British Accountancy Awards in 2017 in the UK.


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