Editor | 5 February 2018
FreeAgent lets you see who your best (and worst) customers are

FreeAgent lets you see who your best (and worst) customers are

A new feature in cloud accountancy software FreeAgent makes it easy to see who your best and worst customers are.

The Customer Sales Report was one of FreeAgent’s most requested features. It could play a key role in deciding who you should do business with in the future.

The new report shows you exactly how much income you’ve received from different clients in a given time frame. You can examine different periods of time and compare results from different months and years.

The Customer Sales Report can also be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet file, so you can further drill down into the data in Microsoft Excel.

Miles Grady, Director of Cloud Accountant said: “This new reporting system will be very useful for freelancers and small businesses. Everyone has a hunch about who their best clients are, but this report gives you bottom line statistics to back up those assumptions.

“Depending how you have set up your accounts, you may also be able to use FreeAgent to compare how long you have worked for particular clients – giving you an even better idea of which clients you really need to look after.”

How to access the Customer Sales Report

You generate the Customer Sales Report on the cloud accounting software.

First, you need to go to hover over the Accounting tab and select Reports from the drop down menu. Then select Customer Sales from the Breakdown section. This is your Customer Sales Report.

You can break down your income from different clients monthly or yearly to get a more holistic view of the data. You also have a sort by column to reorganise the data and you can export the data as a CSV file by clicking ‘Export your report’.  

Four ways to look after your best customers

  • Make yourself as accessible. Respond to emails quickly and schedule phone calls to check in and make sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Always be innovating. Keep customers up to date with the latest trends and innovations in your field. Staying ahead of the game could help you upsell products and services in the future.
  • Anticipate concerns. Does new legislation impact one of your clients? Is their industry going through a rough patch? Staying in front of these developments can help build a stronger relationship.
  • Ask for feedback. It can be tough to anticipate pain points for your customers, but remember that you can always just ask.  It may help improve other areas of your business too.
  • Send gifts. Don’t try to bribe your clients, but send them tokens to let them know they are appreciated. This could just be a handwritten Christmas card or a bottle of their favorite beer. 

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