Editor | 27 June 2017
Five reasons not to put up with a bad accountant

Five reasons not to put up with a bad accountant

Feeling stuck with your accountant? You aren’t alone.


Lots of people don’t switch accountants because they think the process will be painful and time consuming. The truth is that modern technology has reduced a lot of traditional barriers to switching accountants. And if you choose the right company, they should handle all the technical details for you.  


Switching accountants is simple, even if it isn’t the end of your tax year.


Here are some reasons why you should do it.


You have lost faith in your accountant


You have to be able to trust your accountant. They are the last line of defence looking after your company’s financial health and preventing your business from sinking.


If it feels like your accountant is constantly dropping plates - even if they are only minor errors – it could prove catastrophic to your business in the long run.  


They refuse to give you tax advice


If you ask for tax advice does your accountant give you blank stares and non-committal answers, this is another good reason to ditch them.


We all want to know if we are operating tax efficiently. And it is up to an accountant to advise you how to do this within the confines of the law. They may not be confident giving advice, or they may be incompetent, either way the best advice is to look elsewhere.


They’re winging it


Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen are innate improvisers and chancers. The same does not hold true of accountants.


When you are out there taking risks you need a safety net of certainty and stability to fall back on when the pressure increases. If your accountant can’t offer sound financial solutions when you need them then you should consider building your business empire on different foundations.


You barely have to lift a finger


New cloud-based accounting technology, which is used widely across the sector, makes changing accountants quick and painless.


If you switch to Cloud Accountant, we will contact your current accountant for you, help you finalise  your business with them and transfer your data to our systems in no time at all. We’ll make sure everything is tied up neatly, even if it is in the middle of a tax year.


You’ll get a much better deal


Switch to Cloud Accountant and we can offer a low cost fixed fee accountancy package, with one price and no hidden charges.


We offer unlimited telephone and email support with fully qualified accountants ready to answer your questions. And, if you refer a friend to us we can give you £200 in shopping vouchers.


Don’t put up with your accountant for another day, talk to us now. Call: 0808 281 0303, visit www.cloudaccountant.co.uk or email team@cloudaccountant.co.uk