Editor | 23 August 2016
PayPal payments made easier with Xero

PayPal payments made easier with Xero

One of Cloud Accountant’s software partners has announced some very interesting product updates, including one that will make B2B payments even easier using PayPal.

Speaking at Xerocon in San Francisco last week, Xero’s chief executive welcomed guests in a space-aged auditorium to explain that it had been another fantastic year for the company. He told the crowd of accountants and other users that $1 trillion worth of transactions had now been performed using Xero, and that the company had grown to become the most well used accounting system in the UK.

For us though, the most exciting news was about some product updates that can be expected very soon.

Xero has been updated 1,400 times in the last year and these enhancements mean that the platform stays top of the class for small and medium sized business accounting.

And this wave of product updates shows no signs of stopping. One of the most exciting product announcements from Xerocon was closer integration between Xero and PayPal.

The two companies already have a strong partnership, but now they are aiming to take the relationship one step further by integrating the PayPal payment process directly into the Xero platform.

This means that clients will be able to pay invoices with just a few clicks from directly inside an invoice – without being directed to PayPal’s website first.

Xero hopes that closer integration between the two companies will lead to more users having their invoices paid on time.

The other big product announcement related to a new reporting tool that the company expects to be in place in September. 

Xero Report Templates will let users and their accountants create flexible and complex reports that can be repeated again and again to help build a clearer picture of finances over time.

Xero is the most popular cloud accounting platform for small and medium sized businesses in the UK. To learn more about the software and how Cloud Accountant can benefit your business, contact us today. Call: 0808 281 0303.