Editor | 8 June 2016

Cloud Accountant Tax Reclaim Service

Cloud Accountant (a part of Umbrella.co.uk) now offer a tax reclaim service through their website: http://mytaxreclaim.com/

Many people do not know they can claim tax relief in respect of cleaning your own uniforms* or protective clothing, some union and professional subscription fees and tools or equipment you have bought personally to enable you to do your job.

These are therefore available for professions including:

  • Doctors/Nurses/Healthcare;
  • Police Officers;
  • Chefs;
  • Drivers/HGV;
  •  Teachers;
  • Cabin Crew;
  • Firefighters; and
  • Mechanics.

A tax rebate is available for the prior 4 years if you previously omitted to claim.

Your tax code can also be adjusted going forward so you receive the benefit immediately.

Typical refunds are £400.

Visit www.mytaxreclaim.com or call Cloud Accountant on 0808 281 0303.

* You can claim if your workplaces does not provide facilities for you to wash your uniform.