Editor | 1 March 2016

Xero partners up with Google for more complete small business software package

Cloud accountancy provider Xero has unveiled a new partnership with Google and fused some of the search engine giant’s most popular apps directly into its accountancy software package.

The software update, which is now available worldwide, represents a shift towards a more complete business software package. It will give small business users more control over their customer relationships and allow for easier collaboration between contacts.

Access your Gmail account directly from Xero

Xero users can check email correspondence without leaving the platform. Gmail integration also allows for emails to appear ‘live’ within Xero, so that businesses can see what’s happening with contacts in real time.

All of this means that Gmail will become part of the accounting workflow. Self-employed people and small business owners will benefit from more direct access to information about work completed, as well as more general information about contacts.

Better collaboration with Google Apps for Work

The extended ‘Google Apps for Work’ product range has also been integrated into the platform to help make small businesses relationships more efficient and secure.

As well as being able to view and send emails to contacts through Xero, users will also be able to export content effortlessly to other Google Apps like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

And because everything is based in the cloud, business owners can enjoy easier collaboration between customers and suppliers anywhere and from any device.

With a new improved contacts screen, the Xero platform will also feature Google Maps, allowing small business owners to easily locate their clients and suppliers while on the move.

Neil Armitage, Operations Director at Cloudaccountant.co.uk said: “Through this latest update, Xero has achieved real harmony with one of the biggest cloud-based app companies out there.

“Xero has shown real desire to become more than an accountancy software company. Their product offering is now a much more complete solution for small business owners. The flexibility they’ve shown in linking seamlessly with some of Google’s most popular Apps just goes to show how big the possibilities are for cloud-based accounting systems, compared to traditional desktop solutions.”

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