Editor | 13 November 2015
Xero Improve your Cashflow with Invoice Reminders

Xero Improve your Cashflow with Invoice Reminders

A new feature from Xero Accounting Software has been released to help small businesses manage and improve their cashflow.

One of the most important aspects of running your own business and maximising your cash position is to collect money owed from your sales invoices as soon as you can. To help this process Xero has launched “Invoice Reminders”.

Invoice Reminders enables you to send automated email reminders for sales invoices that are overdue. It lets you specify the timescale for sending (i.e. over a week late), how often (i.e. every 7 days) and for what size amounts (i.e. over £15 etc).

To use Invoice Reminders you have to tick the relevant box to turn it on and it will then start automatically the following morning.

You can also exclude clients, customers or invoices you don’t want to chase.

There are proforma emails available and you can add details regarding your preferred payment method.

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