Editor | 16 November 2015
Xero help boost Profit & Cashflow with Billable Expenses

Xero help boost Profit & Cashflow with Billable Expenses

An important aspect of sales invoicing is ensuring that you recharge to your client all expenses that you are entitled for reimbursement.

Making this easy to manage is a simple way to boost your profit and cash position.

Billable expenses from Xero helps you manage this and maximise your profit.

When posting an expense you can allocate an item to a customer. Next time you then raise a sales invoice to that client it will give you the option to add the uninvoiced expenses and hence help ensure you’re not eating into your profit on a particular assignment or project.

Even if expenses are incurred in a different foreign currency they will converted into the invoice currency.

You should always gain agreement from your customer before commencing a project as to what expenses are going to be recharged over and above your standard fee. Large businesses are often more than happy to cover costs you incur above and beyond your standard costs.

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