Editor | 4 November 2015
Why you don’t need a Local Accountant

Why you don’t need a Local Accountant

Google searches are dominated by people searching for local accountants with search terms such as London Accountants, Manchester Accountants etc being highly used terms.

While having a local accountant can be beneficial if you prefer face to face meetings it is by no means necessary and indeed many searches are now made for online accountants, internet accountants or web accountants.

Accountancy is changing. Gone are the days where you needed to find a local accountant. Why spend time in meetings when you can converse quickly, in your own comfort and time by telephone, email, skype or live chat? Meetings take time and cost money and you are normally charged for the accountant’s time.

At Cloud Accountant we embrace the time and cost savings of working by these methods and we offer our services to over 1,000 clients throughout the UK. This enables us to keep our fees down.

Cloud Based Accounting embraces working paperless so there is no need for 100s of receipts and documents to be stored in boxes and dropped off at your accountant.

With Cloud Based accounting your bank statements are downloaded and uploaded daily meaning no realms of paper bank statements to trawl through.

Expenses receipts and invoices can be scanned and uploaded and then discarded. We even have software that can read these and post them for you automatically.

You can issue your sales invoices by email too.

If you still like face to face meetings we do still enjoy meeting our clients and have offices in London and Wilmslow, Cheshire (South Manchester). We can also come to you if you prefer.

We are also happy to pay for items to be couriered between us and our clients where necessary.

Our addresses are:

Bollin House, Bollin Link, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 1DP

75 King William Street, Mansion House, London, City of London EC4N 7BE

Cloud Accountant can be contacted by telephone: 0808 281 0303 or email: team@cloudaccountant.co.uk