Editor | 26 October 2015
Save yourself £190! - Look out for bogus company register letters

Save yourself £190! - Look out for bogus company register letters

Although this particular scheme has been around for a while now there are still a number of letters reaching our office from the “Register of Companies and Businesses” who will, for £190, put your company details on their website.

When they say ‘company details’ what they actually mean is just the company name and address, which can be found on the Companies House website with very little effort.

The letters are merely a means of extracting £190 from people who haven’t yet appointed an advisor and are new to the world of Limited Companies so think that the “Register of Companies and Businesses” is something they need to be listed on.

It’s clearly not something that any company has to be registered on but looks like it is sent to any new company that has been incorporated at Companies House. Sadly it would appear that, as the letters are still getting sent out, some people must still be falling for it.

This is why it always pays to get a professional on board as early as possible to help you avoid unnecessary costs like this and keep you on the straight and narrow.


If you receive one of these letters then feel free to either bin it or send it in to us to verify that it’s bogus. Operations Director Neil Armitage has seen many of these kind of attempts in the past and states “With over 40 years combined accountancy experience in the management team at CloudAccountant.co.uk we’ve seen just about anything and everything so it makes sense to take advantage of that experience now from as little as just £49 a month.”