Editor | 29 October 2015

Happy Anniversary to the Internet

29th October 1969 is the key date in the launch of the internet that has developed into the worldwide web we know today.

The internet is the connecting of devices around the world initially through the use of telephone lines. The initial test was to send the message LOGIN from one computer to another but the connection dropped out before the G was received. Anyone who experienced the early days of dial-up internet connections will know that feeling!

Although it is only in more recent times that we have all got online with the development of google, youtube, ebay, amazon, facebook and twitter it is now hard to imagine life before email, online shopping, social networks and the more recent development of the cloud.

It is this technological development that has given rise to cloud based accounting software and cloud accounting.

Cloud Accounting is where you can access your date and software provider via the internet. Everything is stored by the software provider meaning all you need is a device with an internet connection and you can work as if all the data and programmes are on your device.

The beauty of this is that you have no hardware or software requirements, you are not responsible for updates or backing up your data and most importantly you and numerous other users can all work on the go, at any time from any place.

With Cloud Accounting you know all you key data in real time, can invoice, upload expenses and make or take payment.

An online accountant is a new breed of accountant that you don’t need to meet face to face. You can liaise by phone, email or online. You can both see your accounting system at the same time and work together to save time and money on bookkeeping and accountancy.


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