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FreeAgent is more than just a simple and easy to use provider of accounting software. It’s innovative cloud accounting software.

Cloud Accountant in the UK

Cloud Accounting is the new exciting trend sweeping the UK (exciting if you are an accountant!).

Certified Xero Accountant

What does being a Certified Xero Accountant mean?

Xero Accounting Software - Xero is an online accounting software (cloud accounting) which means that you access their software and your data over the internet. This means you can access your accounts on any device from anywhere and at any time whenever it is convenient for you. This therefore means you can utilise spare times in your day to get your accounts up to date or to review key data rather than doing so in your evening or free time.

The current buzz around the accountancy profession is all about how cloud accounting will shape the accountancy practice of the future.

Editor | 5 March 2015
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Xero have launched a new payroll solution available now for tax year 2015/2016. Key Features: £2,000 Employers NIC benefit. Electronic Payments. Annual Leave/Public Holidays.

Accounting in the clouds

“ACCOUNTING IN THE CLOUDS” - Coming up with a strapline seems to be something all business want to do and you could easily argue they aren’t necessary. But we like them and think they can give an insight into your business and what you offer.

Xero Add ons

All add-ons listed below are cloud applications that integrate fully with Xero cloud accounting software meaning they post relevant transactions and have two way communication between the applications.

Cloud Accountant new offices (a new trading style of Umbrella Accountants LLP) are keen to dispel the rumour that accountants can be boring. With Cloud Accounting being the fresh, modern, hi-tech face of accountancy they decided to follow the examples set by large internet based businesses including Google, and Manchester based, UKFast. is a new offering from Umbrella Accountants LLP.