About Cloud Accountant

Cloudaccountant.co.uk is part of Umbrella Accountants LLP.

Umbrella Accountants LLP started in 2009 providing an online and easy to use accountancy service for contractors and freelancers. CloudAccountant was formed shortly afterwards and has since grown to specialise in online accountancy services for SME's from various industries. 

We employ chartered, certified and tax qualified accountants but are run by enterprising business people. Our aim is to give you the best level of service at the right price.

We are not your traditional accountancy practice that insists on regular meetings or boxes of receipts and statements each year.

We understand people want quick, clear info with the minimum of effort. Nobody wants to do Accounts & Tax in their free time.

But are still happy to meet face to face if you prefer!

Our experience means that we stay on top of new technology and innovation as we understand people want to keep admin tasks to a minimum. 

With Xero we make invoicing and managing payments easy. Everything can be done on your phone, as soon as you need to. Meaning you can fit it in in between jobs rather than at the end of the day.

We hope to show you a new way of working. Not shifting through piles of paperwork when you should be enjoying your free time. Cloud Accountant and Xero allow you to work on the go meaning your free time is exactly that, Free.