Specialist Startup Accountants

If you are starting a new business then Cloud Accountant can help you take off successfully.

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Don’t spend time worrying about your accounts, spend time growing your new business. We can help you:

  • prepare business plans for your bank, finance application or grant application
  • register your company and set-up a business bank account
  • advise you know which expenses you can put through your books and maximise tax reliefs
  • stay on the right side of the taxman by helping produce your year-end accounts and tax returns
  • see all your up to date key info via your phone or laptop: Cash balances, profit, what needs paying and key deadlines

Most importantly we can ensure you are up to date with your accounts from day one.

Startup Costs

As a startup we understand that when you start off in business money is key.

Cloud Accounting has the big advantage that it is affordable. There is no hardware requirement i.e. no server, computer, cabling etc. All you need is a phone/laptop/tablet and an internet connection.

With a limited number of transactions initially your accounting costs should be minimal. We can help you process your own simple transactions meaning no accounting cost. We are there to support you along the way.

Cloud Accounting makes bookkeeping simple. You can even load receipts as you receive them.

Cloud accounting also means you know how much cash you have at anytime. Key deadlines, who owes you money and who you owe.

We can even help you raise finance or funding with a well thought out business plan.

Cloud Accounting is the new modern and fresh way to do accounts and plans start from as little as £69 per month + vat (Quote: start up business)

  • includes unlimited accounting support from your  dedicated account manager
  • in addition, we can take care of payroll, VAT, Corporation Tax, bookkeeping and forecasts
  • All you need is Wi-Fi. No software updates. Back-up and safeguarding of data is taken care of. You can access anytime, from anywhere meaning you can view your bank transactions, raise and email an invoice and even take a payment. If you incur an expense you can simply scan and upload it and it’s done. The receipt can then be discarded.

We offer a choice of cloud accounting software from Xero, FreeAgent or Sage (or your preferred provider).

We ensure you are kept up to date with legislative changes such as the new dividend tax or changes in income tax rates and exemptions.

Starting a new business venture can be daunting but we have the experience to help.

Being a start up is a great opportunity to start off on the right footing. You don’t want to worry about keeping receipts for a year or longer for your accountant to deal with. If we help you process items as you go then the worry is gone.

Call Cloud Accountant, the startup business accountant specialists, to find out more on 0808 281 0303 or email: team@cloudaccountant.co.uk